Two thirds of our day we spend awake, conscious and interacting with people and our environment.  The other third is spent unconscious processing that experience at random via a lightning storm in the brain.  Much like Freud and many others I have wondered what goes on during that unconscious state and what keeps us from this much needed state.

During my college years I experienced sleep paralysis, minor points of insomnia, and forced sleep deprivation due to my environment and work load.  This third of my day is what’s most important to me and my work as an artist.  Ever since I started my college career I’ve had fascinating and vivid dreams.  In order to keep these memories I would record them via written and painted medium.  Unfortunately I painted these dreams away and I was left with sleep paralysis dreams.  During sleep paralysis I was paralyzed with a silhouetted figure coming towards me; but over time I was able to dilute this dark subject matter through research and paint.

As an artist that focused more on my own personal dream experience, I have since removed the self portrait and broadened my work to focus more on the figure and collage aspects; yet still under the dream and sleep ailment blanket.